Link to fraction drills:

Do each within 80 seconds, timed.  Do all five, then grade all five.  Repeat until mastery, 100 percent correct.

Visualize fractions verbal drill

Most people finish the problems by following a process, never stopping to think about what, for instance, 1/2 * 5/8 means.  Or what 3/4 + 3/4 means, most just want to get the answer right.  That’s when Math becomes boring, when it’s just a bunch of processes to memorize.

To fix that bad habit, you’re going to pick two questions from each worksheet and write about what’s happening in each question.  Example, for 1/2*5/4=5/8,  it means

My apple pie plus another quarter of an apple pie was divided in half and given to Jimmy.

Another example, 4/3+1/2=1 5/6 means

I have one apple pie plus 1/3 of an apple pie.  Amy gives me half of her apple pie so now I have almost two whole apple pies, one is missing one slice if the pie is cut into six slices.

This drill will help you visualize numbers when you do arithmetic so you can better understand what’s going on when you manipulate numbers.