According to a 2009 study of pregnant women and their sex drive, 52% reported being horny more than five days a week, 38 % for three to five days, the remaining less than three days.  In another study, only 21% of women say that they’re having sex two or more times a week, while 61% of pregnant women are having sex less than twice a month.  In yet another study, 79% of women report masturbating more often during pregnancy than they had when they were virgins.  In other words, there are a lot of horny pregnant women out there, but many of them aren’t getting laid. Why is that?

Some reasons for this sad and unnecessary situation:

  • sexist American values teach us that pregnant women are pure and never horny
  • ignorant beliefs such as 68% of men believing that they’d be “jizzing on their unborn child” if they engage in preggers sex
  • fake news spreading rumors about babies born without lips due to preggers sex
  • racist memes suggesting that White people aren’t built for preggers sex
  • religious extremists telling people that preggers sex is a sin

The fashion industry has also contributed to the bias against pregnant women. There has — incredibly — never been a visibly pregnant runway model. Mainstream maternity fashion displays pregnant women as “asexual hermaphrodites,” or as “temporary alien beings,” or as “androgynous pageboys.”


This mainstream fashion photo tells viewers: don’t have sex with her because shes’s about to fall over.


Polka-dots, the “stop sign” of fashion. Nothing makes a man lose an erection faster than the sight of polka-dots.  Polka-dots are ubiquitous in mainstream maternity fashion.


She doesn’t look fuckable. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want some.  I asked her, she does.

Put simply, the message maternity fashion industry sends to pregnant women is: “you don’t look sexy and fuckable so don’t bother trying.”  Well, we think that’s fucked up and we’re going to do something about it.

Pregnant women everywhere ARE sexy and fuckable and should be getting laid.  At the Privileged Poor, we’re going to change the way people think about pregnant women and maternity fashion. Pregnant women are neither delicate nor pure — they run marathons, they’re CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, they give corporate tarot card readings, and they want to get laid, and often.


Sexy swollen feet.  If you don’t think these are sexy, then you deserve to run out of toilet paper the next time you take a shit.



Our project isn’t to just create maternity fashion that frames pregnant women as sexual beings, but also to get us to re-consider what is sexy and what it means to be pregnant.  And ultimately, what it means to be fashionable.


She’s hot.  And horny.


Maternity lingerie.  Awww yeah!